Exceeding academic and professional expectations

In today’s competitive market, a graduate degree is often the key to your success. We understand that making the transition from undergraduate to graduate study can be overwhelming, expensive and time consuming — which is why we developed our industry-leading dual-degree programs. Our programs give you a clear path from the very beginning to achieve your goals.

Accelerated dual-degree programs are designed to get you out into the professional world and earning sooner, saving you significant time and money.

Dual-degree programs offer a more conventional approach, and provide you the peace of mind of a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate study.

Whichever path you choose, our dual-degree programs will deliver an education that advances on the traditional university learning model. These opportunities are rare in higher education, and Quinnipiac is a national leader in delivering dual-degree programs that are streamlined and economical.

Accelerated Dual-Degree Programs

Redefining value in higher education

Quinnipiac’s accelerated dual-degree programs are reinventing the way a world-class education is delivered.

These accelerated programs enable you to seamlessly earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional models.

  • You'll save on tuition costs and enter the workforce early by completing your program at least 1 year sooner.
  • You'll leverage that year’s worth of earnings to further reduce the cost of your education.
  • You'll enjoy flat tuition and student fees for the first 4 years, including summer credits and course overage credits.
  • You'll maintain your academic scholarships through program completion. 

The numbers are clear, and the benefits are obvious: the combined value of reduced program costs and average starting salary upon entering the labor market one year early is approximately $100,000.

Cassie Okeke wears a heavy coat and smiles in front of the Nasdaq building as snow softly falls.

Paying dividends

Cassie Okeke, ’20, MBA ’21, is a leader of the largest student-run financial conference in the world, Quinnipiac’s Global Asset Management Education Forum (G.A.M.E. Forum). As an accelerated dual-degree (3+1) student with a double major in international business and management, Cassie is uniquely positioned to achieve success after graduation.

Accelerated dual-degree programs provide the same strong focus on the universal skills employers value the most — including leadership, critical thinking and creative problem solving. Moreover, their flexible curriculums give you the freedom to shape your experience so that it reflects your unique career goals and interests. You'll do this in part through powerful internships, studying abroad and other immersive learning opportunities.

Accelerated dual-degree programs offered

Many of the dual-degree programs allow you to combine several different majors toward your bachelor’s degree. Please ask your admissions counselor for more information.

Admissions requirements

Accelerated dual-degree programs are designed for high-achieving students. In general, students who may qualify rank in the top 20% of their high school class and have a combined SAT score of 1200 (or ACT of 25). Certain programs may have different requirements; please verify with your admissions counselor.

Phone: 203-582-8600
Email: admissions@qu.edu


Students row a boat together on a river with the Hartford, Connecticut skyline in the background

Collaborative experiences

First-year students in the accelerated dual-degree BS/Master of Business Administration (3+1) program work together to row a dragon boat during a team building event at Riverside Park in Hartford, Connecticut.

Accelerated Dual-Degree Program Experience

Challenging and uniquely personal

While our accelerated dual-degree programs are intensive, we've also crafted a unique student experience purposefully designed to enhance both the residential and learning components of your program.

Several programs provide you the opportunity of living with your program peers beginning your first day on campus. The relationships and close bonds you'll form are created through exclusive events, unique activities and group study sessions focused on shared academic and professional interests.

Program guidance and academic support is never far away. A dedicated program adviser is available to help you with course selection, assist you with internships and connect you with additional experiential learning opportunities.

In their Words: Accelerated Dual-Degree Programs

In their Words

Jacqueline Waite ’17, MBA ’18, said that her program’s additional workload helped her develop time-management skills. She also credits her individual courses with connecting her work inside the classroom to real-world scenarios. “In my capstone class, we are building a functioning database and website for a real client,” Waite explained. “Mentioning the different projects I’ve worked on to recruiters has helped me land two internships with Fidelity Investments in Boston.”
Jacqueline Waite ‘17, MBA '18
BS in Computer Information Systems/Master of Business Administration (3+1)
Jacqueline Waite '17, MBA '18 poses by a phone booth in London with the Palace of Westminster in the background.

Broader perspective

Jacqueline Waite '17, MBA '18, reached new heights overseas when she studied abroad in London as part of the BS/MBA dual-degree program.

Matthew Allen, '19, MS '20 runs outside

Beating the competition

Matthew Allen, '19, MS '20, is a Division I athlete on the cross country team.

“The thing that I like most about this program is that it is a way for me as a student coming out of college to stand out to employers. I believe that coming out of college in four years with a master’s degree will help to show my future employer that I am dedicated and hard working.”
Matthew Allen '19, MS '20, Division I athlete
BS in Film, Television and Media Arts/MS in Interactive Media (3+1)

In their Words: Dual-Degree Programs

In their Words

“I chose Quinnipiac due to its outstanding reputation in the medical field. Quinnipiac showed me how hard work and dedication are essential to successfully entering the ‘real world.’ Being able to find a great college and my dream job just 10 miles away from my hometown means everything to me.”
Christina Notarino '12, MHS '14
BS in Health Sciences/Master of Health Science Physician Assistant
Physician assistant Christina Notarino '12, MHS '14, listens to her patient’s heart with a stethoscope.

Big impact

Physician assistant Christina Notarino '12, MHS '14, examines her pediatric patient during a well-visit at Children's Medical Group in Hamden, CT.

Seth Pachman ’16, DPT ’20 smiles in front of a wall with the NYC Marathon Logo

Part of the team

Seth Pachman ’16, DPT ’20, takes a break after volunteering in the medical tent at the New York City Marathon.

“Quinnipiac not only gave me the psychomotor skills to work in a chaotic environment, but also provided me with the confidence, professionalism and critical thinking tools to succeed,” said Seth Pachman ’16, DPT ’20. He worked on the medical team at the finish line of the New York City Marathon.
Seth Pachman ’16, DPT ’20
BS in Athletic Training/Doctor of Physical Therapy